William Newland

Portrayed By

William Newland


November 2, 1995(Age 24)




145 LBS


Main Article: Fire(Episodes 1-237) Lava-Body(DD: RTD Ep.1- Present)

Relationships with other characters

Corey Bryant (Friend)

Brendan Bowen(Friend)

Leanne Stevens(Friend)

Shadow Man(Enemy)

Doom Lord(Frienemy)

Daniel Jensen(Arch-Enemy)

Sara Harris(Significant)



Caitlin Weathers(Friend)

Speck Tsunai(Ally)


First Appearance

Dragon Duelers: Episode 1

William Newland(ウィリアム·ニューランド and U~Iriamu· nyūrando in Japanese but not official) is a main character in the TV series Dragon Duelers, along with Corey Bryant and Brendan Bowen. William is the guardian of Astrid and his many forms. William is a calm and relaxed person, he doesn't seem to be upstart in any way.


William's character was based directly off of the real Newland, even the personality. Corey said that William already had the right personality.


William is a outgoing, relaxed character whose dueling is very good. Even in dueling he doesn't tense up or loose his calm attitude, in fact, William gets more excited during a losing fight in a duel. William doesn't seem to care about anyone, even though he does, and he cares about Shaylyn Daniels.


William arrived at Dragon Academy with Corey and Brendan, who was part of the Freshman tournament, which he lost in the 2nd round to Brendan to. Later though, William would defeat the possessed Brendan to knock him out of his trance. Then William would join the ranks of Dragon Red in the dorms. William proved to be a skilled duelist throughout the series, he even beat Corey in one of Corey's only 5 losses. William helped defeat the council of 8 when Brendan was captured and he also assisted in the defeat of Doom Lord. After Doom Lord merged with Corey, William still didn't generally trust him even though Doom Lord saved Corey's life once, Doom Lord and William even Soul dueled once, to prove Doom Lord's loyalty. William went missing when he seemingly lost to Dinarius after he crash landed into earth looking for Astrid, Triple Threat, and Deathos. William wouldn't appear in Dragon Duelers: Road to Destiny until episode 42 when he dueled Kaito. William was re-untied with Corey and Brendan in Episode 46 of DD:RD. William participated in the GGC and was eliminated in the final 8 by Robin. William dueled Leanne in episode 113 and 114 because Corey wouldn't.


William was voted the 2nd most favorite character behind Corey and beating #3 Leanne.