Dragon Duelers: Volume 2
[[20131218 194952~2-1-|250px]]
Volume 2 cover featuring Brendan Bowen with Deathos

Written by

Corey Bryant

Art by

Casey Stroud

Distributed by

Dark Media

No of Pages



March 2014

Dragon Duelers: Volume 2 is the second volume of the original Dragon Duelers  series. It was written by Corey Bryant and the art was done by Casey Stroud.


Volume two is sixty pages featuring chapters 9-14.


The mysterious "Shadow Man," sends Brendan to purgatory, where he tells Brendan then history of Dragon Duelers, and Brendan doesn't believe him. Shadow Man then offers Brendan "Deathos 2," an evil form of Deathos. William defeats Norman, and the second round begins with Corey vs. Cazz. The duel heats up as Cazz gets out Dark Doom Dragon, but Corey retaliates with Triple Threat and wins. William and Brendan begin their duel and Brendan doesn't seem right. Meanwhile, two invited guests arrive, Leanne Stevens and Daniel Jensen, two of the world's best. Daniel spots Deathos and begins his plan to get all three, but he is stopped by Gary Brown who claims to be the guardian. Meanwhile, Brendan and William's duel heats up as Deathos 2 emerges, but William comes back with Astrid. Brendan reveals that Deathos 2 can't be destroyed!