Dragon Duelers: Volume 1
20130929 210351
Volume Featuring Corey Bryant and Triple Threat

Written By

Corey Bryant

Art By

Casey Stroud


January 2014

No of Pages


Dragon Duelers Volume 1 is the 1st volume to the 2008 manga series Dragon Duelers. The first volume was written by Corey Bryant and the volume was drawn by Casey Stroud. 


Volume 1 consisted of 8 chapters, each spanning 6-10 pages.


The 1st volume introduces Corey Bryant, William Newland, and Brendan Bowen. They select their decks and are thrown immediately into a freshman tournament, where Corey duels Munkey and wins, Cazz Kingston duels Bugsby and wins, and Brendan duels Raptor and wins. After the duel, Brendan is challenged to a duel for Deathos by a mysterious man, and the mysterious man wins, and the mystery of who he is grows.